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Welcome to this issue of Silliman Journal. Please don’t let the “irresolute individual” on the cover deter you from reading the variety offered by this issue. In addition to unpeace, peace is also discussed here. Our full-length papers begin with Silliman University research director Enrique Oracion’s essay on two higher education institutions— Baylor in Texas, U.S.A., and the other, Silliman in the Philippines. The paper developed during Ike’s four-month fellowship stint at Baylor University. While this article compares the two universities from a historical and academic perspective, a second article will highlight the quality of the faculty at both universities in SJ 2013. The paper is followed by Dr. Ruben Mendoza’s “Walking Humbly with the Moros towards the Kingdom: A Reflection on the Catholic Church’s Mission in Muslim Mindanao” and Dennis Solon’s “Toward a Pauline Hermeneutic of Dialogue.” Both papers tackle the matter of dialogue in Muslim Mindanao, despite the odds. Ruben says that the Catholic Church has been inadequate in responding to the Moro issue and suggests it “move out of its comfort zone.” For his part, Dennis uses Paul’s letter to the Romans, stating that “Filipino Christians can draw lessons from this letter about some significant and positive ways for dealing with peoples of other religious persuasions.” Then, Ike Oracion’s second contribution to this issue describes the service-learning involvement of undergraduate and graduate anthropology students in environmental monitoring. In particular, Ike and his students checked on the impact of a waste management center upon residents in Bayawan, a city south of Dumaguete City in the Visayas Region, Central Philippines, finding that service-learning can be a very emotional experience, yet beneficial for educational partnerships and changes in policy. The fifth article evaluates an anger management intervention program for applicability to a group of adolescents. The authors, psychotherapists Nelly Limbadan and Marge Udarbe found that emotion regulation and transformation can indeed occur in a brief period of time, with proper facilitation and supervision as well as direct counseling. The next three studies are all somehow related to marine and riverside conservation awareness, practice, and investigation. The first article describes how coastal residents in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines perceive the implementation of coastal resource management programs in the area. Next, biologist Robert Guino-o specifically studies Philippine mullets, considered economically important food fish in the Philippines. Robert’s research reports for the first time the occurrence of the longfinned mullet Osteomugil perusii and the dwarf mullet Osteomugil engeli in Philippine waters. Finally, physico-chemical and bacteriological characteristics of a river in Central Philippines is looked into by Hermilita Paculba and colleagues.

Published: 2022-10-03

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