Vol. 38 No. 3&4 (1997) is now online!

Vol. 38 No. 3&4 (1997) is now online! Access it at https://sillimanjournal.su.edu.ph/index.php/sj/issue/view/55  

Perspectives on Environmental Awareness and Actions
Enrique G. Oracion

A Situationer on the Indigenous Peoples of Negros Oriental
Andrea G. Soluta, Glynis Wilfa V. Manginsay, Cere Pioquinto

The Quadrangulation appraisal technique as research strategy for the Negros Oriental Ancestral Domain Research Project
Nichol R. Elman, Ceres E. Pioquinto

Roles of Community-Based Fisheries Management and Marine Reserves in Coastal Fisheries
Angel C. Alcala

The Palawan Formative Research Project: Context, Methodology and General Findings
Betty C. Abregana

Anthro-Historiographic Notes on the Indegenous People of Negros Oriental
Rolando V. Mascuñana

A New Species of Chigger in the Genius Siseca
Wayne A. Brown