Vol. 31 No. 1-4 (1984): Silliman Journal

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This issue of SJ is dedicated to the memory of Luz U. Ausejo .(1925-
1984). Both this journal and this editor were greatly inspired and sup-
ported by Dr. Ausejo over the past decade. Silliman University has in-
deed suffered a loss. See the Note elsewhere in this issue for details on
Dr. Ausejo’s life and the foundation that has been set up to honor her.

The articles in this issue continue themes that have become SJ
specialties, and several of the authors will be familiar to readers also.
Betty Abregana’s study of the Lake Balinsasayao area is accompanied by
an exciting plan for the future. As the Balinsasayao project continues
let us hope that it can become a model of development that will preserve
the natural environment while answering the needs of people.

Alcala and Carumbana, Calumpong, and Luchavez, and Alcala take
us from the mountains to the sea, focusing on marine resources, with
suggestions for their planned exploitation. George Beran’s Note ties all
together, as he discusses the bleak realities of the world food problem,
and the small rays of hope that we must grasp if we are to avert disaster.

Published: 2024-05-15

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