Vol. 33 No. 1-4 (1986): Silliman Journal

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The present issue of the Silliman Journai could very well be one of the most valuable issues ever to come out in a long time, consisting as it does of seventeen weil-presented articles backed by competently accomplished research and investigation by their respective authors. No less.than eight important and significant areas in biology are covered from mature and technical points of view, ranging, one might say, from the sea, to the land and the air, considering that there are discussions here on marine plants, clams, crabs, fishes, and coral reefs, as well as on frogs, snakes and bats. The extensive discussions on clams—five articles, the most number in this issue, are in fact devoted to the subject—are especially significant in view of recent indications that giant clams are well on the way to extinction.

This special issue of the SJ is made even more special by the involvement of two very noteworthy names in biology in the Philippine scene, namely, Angel C. Alcala and Walter C. Brown.

Published: 2024-05-27

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